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    Hello John,

    We don't have individual note resources on Chordify, sorry for any inconvenience! We're focused on chords and providing help with learning these. I would advise following similar steps to Ross and get familiar with the notes from resources via Google. This will also benefit your chord playing in the future!

    Please reach out to: if we can help with anything else.

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  • Ross Brabham


    " guitar fretboard notes "

    You get hundreds of hits and diagrams you can print off.

    This is how I got started in learning the notes on my double bass many years ago.  See below up to the 12th fret position.  Only 4 strings on a double bass though John.  But you'll get the idea.

    Also note, of course, that they are all in patterns.  And there are only 7 notes excluding sharps and flats.

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