Guide to limitations of Chordify's algorithm?



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    Hi Carsten,

    Thanks for your message and sorry for the late reply. The algorithm is typically suited to more simpler songs with straightforward time signatures and rhythms - many factors can affect the accuracy of the algorithm. Such as the complexity of the song, the harmonic and rhythmic content, audio quality, - these factors can also adds another factor for our algorithm to determine which can make it harder to ensure accuracy. Embellishments between the 'main' chords will likely not be registered, as the algorithm really is concentrated on extracting the chord progression itself.

    So it's hard to precisely say what to expect with the song of your choice, but I think the more complex content of the types you have mentioned will ultimately not be suitable for Chordify's algorithm (at least to display all the harmonic content).

    If you edit a song and your profile is public, then users can select this from the drop down list of edits.

    Please reach out to: if we can help with anything else!

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