Chordify not working? You may want to try this...



  • Ross Brabham

    Thanks for that Joe.

    I've been using Chordify fully paid since early 2019 and never had a problem with it at all.

    Just using the desktop and laptop in the music room, and when out and about run it on the mobile phone.

    I would describe it as very  S T A B L E.

    Best wishes Ross from New Zealand

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  • Lew Welch

    I have problems constantly with Chordify in Apple apps for mobile and iPad. It’s all very well for you to say don’t whinge if you’re an Apple user, but if they can’t guarantee a working service in those apps they shouldn’t offer them in the first place. And they never respond to support emails or messages either, so what’s a premium subscriber supposed to do? Like me, cancel your subscription.

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  • Joe Brooks

    Thats to bad to hear, they should know exactly which security settings are blocking it. Sarfari browser I guess? 

    In my past I have seen this, they by default have tight security settings. And with so many versions sometimes even the devlopers have trouble. I would try firefox? 

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