Edited songs on the Chordify App



  • Mike

    I agree with Henry that this would be useful.  I use an iPad with my electric piano through Yamaha's Smart Piano app that links the two devices.  Chordify can interface with the piano as well, but I'd like to do some editing in the desktop version of Chordify and have the edited songs display in the ios version on the iPad.

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  • Lionel D'André

    Why can’t I find the "Improve" tab (or "Modifications" tab) when I’m using Chordify on my phone? This is the only device I have for playing my own arrangements on the piano at the country house where I’m not using Chordify with my computer? Will it be the same if I buy an iPad to use "Chordify" on it also?

    Pourquoi ne puis-je retrouver l’onglet « Modifications » ou « Improve » quand j’utilise Chordify sur mon téléphone ? Comment faire pour retrouver mes propres Modifications pour les jouer au piano quand je suis ailleurs qu’à la maison où je me sers de Chordify sur mon ordinateur ? Est-ce que ce sera la même chose si j’achète un iPad pour utiliser "Chordify" sur iPad ?


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  • Brandon Nichols

    A workaround is to use the Android/iOS browser in desktop mode to access the Chordify site. Am not seeing the ability to actually make further edits in this mode, but at the very least the edits you have made are played, instead of the default chords. Another bonus is access to all your set lists.

    So for example you can get all your edits and setlists worked-out in your home studio using your desktop computer, then take your edits and set lists on the road with your mobile device when jamming with friends.

    Optimally, editing would work seamlessly and the user would have access to all set lists in the mobile apps, but I can live with this for awhile...

    Update: Looks like you CAN make edits/improvements in this mode, you just need to tip your mobile device into portrait mode to access all the controls. Sometimes, when accessing the Chordify desktop site using a mobile device in landscape mode, the control/tabs bar may be hidden. Tip your phone into portrait mode to access controls and tabs. Its clumsy, but possible.

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