Bass isolation please




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    Hi David,

    Currently, we don't really offer notes specifically for bass since we are mainly focused on chords. What you can do, however, is play the root notes of the chords, but this might not match the actual bassline of all songs. Our apologies for the inconvenience, and hopefully we can address this in the future!

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  • David

    Well, yeah, I get that. Playing the root can make a bass line, but I'm interested in the ACTUAL bass line.  Hope you can figure out a way to do it!  It seems like you got the chord thing settled already, so this would be a great new area to develop!  Thanks.

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  • Bob

    Try running the output of Chordify through an EQ. I played Bass for years, before trying to switch to guitar and I would run the signal of the song from the CD player, of a song I wanted to play through a ten band EQ, and after I got used to it, it worked fairly decent.

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