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    Hi everyone,


    We will close this thread soon as it's a duplicate of this earlier request, as mentioned above:


    We are actively working on improving the organization of user lists, and hopefully we will be able to implement this later in the year, though we can't confirm any dates yet. Apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime.


    Thanks for your patience, and if you have any questions/issues, please contact us at!

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  • Venetia Hite

    I would also like to throw my hat in the ring for a request for organizational tools.

    I love Chordify but the endless scrolling to find a tune in my profile is annoying.

    Alphabetical by artist / song title would be awesome/

    Thank you,


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  • Tim

    Or by number of plays or by most recently played... SOMETHING more than what we have now would be great.

    But yes, folders would be ideal (plus sorting).


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  • Silas

    This is a duplicate of - combined, it looks like the single most requested feature.

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  • Ross

    Yes totally agree everyone

    When you have 50+ in the Favourites (as I have at the moment) it would be great to sort them in a user defined order.

    Rock Jazz C&W Blues Classic Oldies OR by Artist OR by Best 5,10,15 that you maybe playing at the moment etc etc etc.

    This feature would be very helpful.

    Cheers Ross, a double bass player from New Zealand

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  • Bob

    Yes, this is the one thing that could really improve Chordify. It is a real pain to scroll through all favorites. There should be a way to have your main list and then at least four or five sub folders that you can make yourself, in which you can list the songs as you wish, for example, making different set lists, with songs in a desired order for different gigs.

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  • arne

    let us play our saved or favorite song from same list..its so wierd u have to go back to continue to play hearted songs..we get it this year its not accepted.. how hard can it be to change..


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