UMG Blockage - Constructive Feedback please.



  • Stephen Wisdom

    I think The best way around this is to use mp3 or mp4 from Music Library on hard drive to import to Chordify that way YouTube can not block it or UMG Thay Have no control over whats on your hard drive Riffstation works from hard drive But i like Chordifys Lay out .

    i Payed for my YouTube

    also found when on iphone Chordify app songs play ok but Blocked on PC ?????

    Regards Stephen Retired 64 Year old

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  • Ross


    From my earlier post about the UMG block I have found a solution / work-around

    This is for a PC

    1) Go to YouTube and find the exact video clip / song track that you used to play in Chordify

    2) Open up a new Tab and do a Google search for .....  this is a Youtube Mp3 Converter

    3) Go back to the Youtube clip and copy the URL link from 1)

    4) Then go back to the Converter and pase in the copied URL link.  Then hit Download.

    5) This will create a Mp3 file.  Have patience. Find the directory location on your hard drive.

    6) Go to Chordify and hit UPLOAD SONG

    7) Find the Mp3 file and upload.  Have patience and it will Chordify this song and put this into your UPLOADS section.

    8) Then you can play along as normal with the song.

    All the best from Ross, a double bass player from New Zealand.

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  • Ross

    Hi Stephen

    I found that if you do it this way ie to put the Youtube link to mp3 and then upload to Chordify, then when you log into your mobile phone the new song that was previously blocked is now fully avialable to use.

    Give it a try.  You'll like it.  Regards Ross from NZ.

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