Numbering the bars



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    Hey Mark,
    Good one! We've indeed been toying with this idea—if we were to implement, it probably wouldn't be *every* bar that would be numbered, but probably the first bar on every line/row.

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  • Mark Brownridge

    Hi Robert, I'm back again with the same request. I have a sequencer which I use to build my own backing tracks so  even the first bars of every line would be a great help and a time saver. Please, please thanks. ;-)

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  • Robin

    Yes please!! Even numbering every 4th bar or similar would be a very useful addition

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  • Ross

    It would be great to add the Key into the song title and/or artist section.

    Many times I have a long search list looking for a song in a particular key that I want.  Only to have to load each one up.

    I want to find the actual song in the key ... not just to transpose the chords and just see it.

    Cheers Ross from NZ

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  • Phil Comeau

    Yes, I agree showing bar numbers would be a very helpful feature. One of the things I find frustrating about Chordify is that it's difficult to tell where you are in a song -- verse, chorus, bridge, etc. If bar numbers were shown (even just the number of the bar at the left margin, so if that bar was numbered 9 I could find bar 11 by counting over 2). I could then make a note that verse 2 starts at bar 27 or whatever and find it if necessary.

    This seems like a trivial feature to add to me. It's disappointing that it was suggested 2 years ago and is yet to be implemented.

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