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  • Dave Jacquart

    Yes it would be really cool if the thing would listen and print out the lyrics with the chords(!) or get them from someplace and put them in the chordified results .. but that seems like possible legal issues maybe... or something. I don't think you guys should be  responsible for manually putting the lyrics in there by any means. That would probably make this  very expensive and the price is is a big factor in my buying ikt for sure ..

    A place to put the lyrics with the chordified version by the users ... would be a good start.

    Perhaps a webapp kind of like the Ultimate Guitar Tabs editor that I have found way clunky so far but at least if I take the time learn how to input songs in a reasonable amount of time the result will be the music and the lyrics and links to youtube all in one place in one program online and available on the phone for mobile use ..

    Currently when I am using Chordify for it's output I need printed lyrics or lyrics from another site open in another window on a different monitor and then when done playing music for the moment I have to create my own linked bookmark workflow to get the chordify window I want to open again quickly as well as the lyrics page from another place to use with it quickly ..

    Maybe for paid accounts an option to add links to other resources to the Chorified page of a song that only the user that added them can see when they revisit that song they uploaded nor even found already up there but want to add a link to the Lyrics and maybe alternate lyrics versions and alternate youtube versions of song . something like that would help some ..

    Or maybe you guys should just buy Ultimate Guitar Tabs with plans of merging the two businesses and getting it all into one package. :)

    I believe from their mailing address they are only 1/2 block from a current office I am often working from in downtown San  Francisco in another big building. I have been meaning to walk over there and say hello in case they might need an IT guy and then I could do IT at a cool music playing resource business instead of IT work in the high stakes litigation support outfit I work for now . So if you are going to come to SF soon after the virus to buy them out,  let me know and I will meet you over there and maybe I can even help you guys out and wind up with a new job with Chordified Ultimate Tabs Co. and away from all of these crazy giant law firms ... and get lyrics and chordify all on the same page .;)  )

    My shelter in place late night food delivery is finally here. Peace out.

    Stay safe ..

    Dave Jacquart

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  • Mark

    This isn't a recourse site without lyrics, I'm sorry I premium subscribed, back to ultimate guitar I go. 

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