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  • Norm


    Sorry to hear about that vulgar piece of crap that showed up on your Chordify page however I wonder how that could happen?

    I am on my second year as a Premium member and I show 2476 titles in my history and that has never happened to me. The only categories that show up on the home page are "Play Again" then "Suggestions based on your Taste" Popular Songs in Your Country"  "Season Special" and "Getting Started in Piano" 

    When you go to "Your Profile" the only things there are "Favorites" "Edits" and "History"  the Search bar is blank until you add a title to search for. I even entered "can't take" in the search bar and there were dozens of songs with "can't take" in the title but none of them were the one you listed.

    Based on the title I am assuming that is a Rap of some kind and I have never had Rap show up anywhere on my Chordify pages because I have never asked for rap.... I don't think this has anything to do with Chordify and don't see where there is anything to fix...

    I guess it is possible you got hacked but who would hack in and only mess with your Chordify..


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