• Miguel Del Cerro Pérez

    Same here. I think some kind of Filter would be useful (like it used to be)

    Please, consider this request.


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  • Norm

    Took a few minutes to set up new Setlists but I like it much better than having all the songs in favorites and try to find something when you want it...can't please everyone 

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  • Michael Keller

    Completely agree that this is bad! I opened a ticket and the response was that I could drag the songs in Favorites to re-order them.  This is extremely difficult when there are over 150 songs in the list and the list will not scroll up when dragging!  I used to sort alphabetically by artist (renamed the songs to do this as I added them).  Now I cannot sort alphabetically anymore - nor can I sort by recently added.  In addition to that when playing songs in my favorites list there used to be "similar songs" in a box on the right hand side of the page.  I used to use that and discover new music to play.  No more - now it just contains other songs from the setlist.  The "Suggestions based on your taste" section on the home page is not that much help either.  Once you go to a song there it lists songs with similar lyrics.  Really?  Why?

     I agree setlists can be useful - but why remove functionality that was there previously?

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