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    Hi Nicolas,

    Thanks for getting in touch. There's no repeat button to restart songs, however you can simply click the 'Previous' button to the left of the Play/Pause button and this will take you back to the start of the song.

    It's not currently possible to resize the YouTube window; as the YouTube player works in tandem with the chord scroller, I think it would be hard to facilitate a separate window for it, but maybe in the future we could look into the possibilities of resizing the window. I can't confirm anything at this point though.


    If there's anything else we can help with, please reach out to us at!

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  • Fernando Larsen

    Hola, soy un usuario igual que vos, tus apreciaciones son buenas, a mí tambien me gustaría poder repetir un tema automaticamente ó inclusive hacer una playlist y tocar varias canciones seguidas. Tambien estaría bueno que las listas y los favoritos tengan un acceso directo en la pantalla principal para acceder rápidamente. Lo voy a pedir. Lo de la pantallita de Youtube tambien. Saludos, Fernando.

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