Visibility of Chord extensions


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  • Ross

    I agree very much as well.

    In fact about 5 months ago (late 2019) I submitted a similar request about the size of fonts for Sharps and Flats.

    It was just a suggestion for something for your programmers at Chordify to consider when they have a moment.

    Would you consider increasing the font for the Sharps and Flats symbol on the chords, Why not make them the same size as the Root Note or the chord extension: m or 7th etc.

    Some of us old folks have have glasses and some of us use the mobile phone &/or iPod etc and I do find the font for the Sharps and Flats symbol quite small. I think it is very important to have Sharps and Flats symbols the same font size. so you can read them clearly.

    Just a suggestion. Regards from Ross, a Double Bass player from New Zealand.

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