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  • Ross Brabham

    Thanks for your reply Henry.

    Good morning Chordify
    This request follows on from a recent post and to one that I sent about 6 months ago.
    Please mention to your Designer team to PLEASE use the larger fonts so us old glasses-wearers musios like me can read the Sharps & Flats better signature.
    I always use both my home computer and iphone. On the iphone the signatures are almost unreadable. There is plenty of room in the root chord box for this in my opinion.
    What say you ????

    Best wishes from Ross, from New Zealand.
    PS !!!
    BIGGER FONTS for # and b PLEASE

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  • Dave

    Yes, please! This would be very helpful.

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  • Ross Brabham

    Looks like I have some supporters for my long and continual comments about this topic close to my heart.

    Best wishes from Ross from New Zealand

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