Working out chords



  • Norm

    Don't recall anyone forcing you to join Chordify and didn't notice any member posts really giving a shit about what you think or say....take your annoying crap somewhere else

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  • Ross

    Yeah Cunty / Khunty or whatever you call yourself in real life.

    Why don't you just fuck off and leave Chordify to us who appreciate it.

    A big "FUCK YOU" and kind regards to you from New Zealand.  Kia Ora Bro !!!

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  • David

    Take no notice of those two pricks, Khunty, I'm with you on this.  I am an experienced musician who normally has no difficulty in recognising a chord. But there's always the odd occasion when you are not too sure and so want a definitive answer. Unfortunately with Chordify you don't get a definitive answer. There are so many obvious mistakes I am finding it almost unusable. I admit I didn't do my research before signing up and did not realise it was a robot doing the 'chordifying'.  There should be a feature enabling users to upload corrections, but then, that would rather defeat the object, doesn't it?

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