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    Hi Ross, 


    Nice to hear from you! There's unfortunately no way of transposing the original audio from the video player. I would recommend looking for an uploaded version of the song in the specific key you're after, or if this isn't possible, searching for a website where you can upload a song/add a YouTube link and transpose the key, then use this version in Chordify to play along with.


    Sorry for any inconvenience, if we can help with anything else please reach out to

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  • Ross Brabham

    Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome.

    Thanks Team.

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  • Pum Suan Khai

    I found a Transpose extension for Chrome in Google. If you could integrated this software, We could change the key from original.

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  • Dan Grammer

    A little late to help Ross Brabham out (3 years) but although I have figured out a way to solve this problem I was checking here to see if there were any others.  This is so important to do for like in Ross' situation and mine on violin (fiddle really) and so since I have a solution that is a simple google chrome extension many people that would like to change the key of the you tube video playing in Chordify to match that key of what they select will be pleased to know it is a piece of cake.

    The above was a screen shot from computer.  Below is a screen shot of the search of the Google Chrome Web Store.  Hopefully clear to understand which extension you want to get.  Yes its free.

    If anyone still needs additional help I can be contacted at

    This was a life saver for me to practice in the key I want to learn for the fiddle to match the key called for.


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