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  • Thomas Jacob

    I *think* I requested this years ago, but clearly it wasn't seen as important. I have been a paid subscriber for a long time, and feel like Chordify evolved a lot in the beginning, and now it's hit a brick wall in its maturity.

    I just want the ability to edit the layout of the chords to break them up by verses, choruses etc - seeing a single stream of chords doesn't help anyone. If I'm practicing verse 2 of a song today, where exactly is verse 2 in the page?

    I've used Chrordify to transcribe probably close to 200 songs, and this is the one factor slowing me down trying to learn a song.

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  • Faris

    It seems like an essential thing to me. I understand that it may be hard to automatically detect song sections and insert line breaks at the right places. But at least the ability to add them manually would be a natural feature if you're already spending time to transcribe them.

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  • Ross Brabham

    Fully agree

    I think what we are talking about here is the song structure or song order which is shown on every music song sheet and song chord sheet, including chord & lyrics websites.  Such as:


    Verse 1

    Verse 2


    Verse 3



    Chorus x 2

    Ending / Outro

    Wouldn't it be nice to add in as an EDIT a small typed-in caption where these occur so when everyone else goes into the song we all can see the song structure that I am refering to.  Even other nice things as playing aids such as:  Key Change, ACapella, Break or Pause etc etc.  These all help define a song.

    Regards Ross from NZ

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