Bar Chords Only



  • Norm

    While I would Like to see bar chords also, I don't see how Chordify could possibly do it.

    If you play bar chords you know that there are 5 main bar chord shapes.  E,A,D,C,G, with E,A,D being the most playable shapes. C and G are ridiculous.

    which shapes would YOU have them diagram? If you Can play the E shape, you can play all the 7 Major chords, Minor chords and Minor7 chords with the same basic shape and 1 string drop. 

    I sympathize with your issues and wish you the best in your playing.


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  • James Pellechi

    If your a healthy human being, I wouldn’t have requested this feature… however, to answer your question on what or how to substitute,
    Answer is simple … assign the fretboard boxes a User assignable priority order for the automatic assignment of any appropriate (if it exists) bar chord …
    That would also allow user opportunity to explore different areas of the guitar neck SIMPLY by changing the priority order of the Fretboard boxes …

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