How can I get a mobile set list? I have a new I phone and a Mac I pad.




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    Hello, The Setlists aren't yet available on the Chordify app, however you can access them on your mobile device if you use the Chordify mobile website on your browser. Sorry for any inconvenience!

    You could manually print a Setlist from your browser, but we don't offer this option within the Chordify website.

    Please contact: if we can help with anything else.

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  • Ross

    Hi Victor

    I have answered and put my comments forward to a similar comment.  I will copy it in here as well for you.  But similar to what Henry has said.

    I sorted my Favourites Setlist and got it all organised on my PC.

    Then loaded up on my iphone through SAFARI.  Put in the LOGIN and the setlists all appear.  But don't use the APP as they don't show going into Chordify that way.

    If you do it this was way you can log into your Setlists anywhere with WIFI.


    I was wrestling with this for quite sometime and then "bit the bullett" and sorted my Favourites Setlist in alphabetic order.  Found this was great to quickly scroll down and find the artist and then the song.

    As a further tip any songs that were not in name order, I just changed the song title to make the artist name come first.  Great for a song-list of 200+

    Give it a try.  It worked for me.

    Regards Ross from New Zealand

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