Need a m7b5 chord please please please



  • Doyle

    Yes, for those of us who play jazz standards, the m7b5 chord appears often in ii V I progressions in minor keys and is the seventh chord in the diatonic scale.  For example: in jazz standards, you will see lots of 7ths .  In the key of C major, the diatonic chords are : Cmaj7,  Dm7, Em7, Fmaj7, G7, Am7, and Bm7b5.  The standard "Summertime" in the key of Am uses the ii V I progression:  Bm7b5, E7, Am7.  I am very disappointed that this important chord is not part of the selection of chords available in the chord library.

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  • Menno de Boer

    Hey! I wanted to mention that recently the m7b5 was added to our 'improve' functionality.

    We are also still working on also detecting this particular chord automatically from our Chordification process, but at least for now whenever you come across it, you can manually edit the cell.

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