Why is there no Nashville numbers system?!



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    Hi Jani,

    Sorry for any inconvenience - we have had this suggested by several users, but I'm not sure currently if this is a feature we're planning to add to Chordify. Hopefully it's something we can look into in the future, but I can't confirm anything at this point unfortunately.

    Please contact: support@chordify.net if we can help with anything else.

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  • Emmanuel Robert

    Hello Jani, Henry,
    Actually it is a feature I am also waiting for a long time.
    Since you already have the transpose feature, maybe it could be easy to implement (even if we choose the key and major/minor manually, in order to display the degree of chords only).

    Is there any way we can help the team to design/ develop this feature?

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  • Brian

    Would really appreciate this feature!! Seriously

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  • Dotti

    Yes, as a new Chordify bass user, checking it out…I’m disappointed that the I IV V etc is not noted. UGG


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