Feature: Guitar Show Intro and Strumming Pattern




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    Hey Adrian,

    Thanks for your message.

    We're not able to accurately detect strumming patterns/rhythms unfortunately, I don't think this will be a priority in the future either, as this is near-impossible to detect accurately with algorithms. Sorry for any inconvenience! I would advise practising any sections with trickier strumming patterns, and you should familiarize yourself gradually. The loop feature is useful for this. This will also help improve your ear which is a big plus.

    Please contact: support@chordify.net if I can help you further!

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  • Peter

    Auto-detecting strumming from a song would indeed be difficult and challenging. May I suggest adding a feature allowing users to suggest strumming patterns?

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  • rené

    Great idea Peter ! I had the same suggestion for the makers of Chordify


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