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    Hello there,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us. We don't really offer notes specifically for bass since we are mainly focused on chords (and the bass guitar is—traditionally speaking—not really a chord instrument). What you can do, however, is play the root notes of the chords, but this might not match the actual bassline of all songs. Our apologies for the inconvenience!

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  • Kevin

    So?  Not everyone is a music theory god and we don't know the root notes of the chords.  Having chord diagrams for our instruments helps us improvise in the right scale even if it's not "a chord instrument".  I see dozens of requests for additional instruments and y'all seem to ignore them, it's really easy to add.

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  • Branden Stair

    I would like to suggest a simple bass diagram in first position for beginners. The fret number on the side is very confusing new students. Guitar has a steep learning curve, so a lot of students get discouraged and play keyboards instead when given a choice. In the world of AI, students are now starting to expect this kind of thing.

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  • Ross Brabham

    Hi Kevin & Branden

    As a bass player (double bass & Fender PB) I find Chordify excellent for playing along with these many cover versions in order to find the best bass patterns to use.

    Essential to bass playing is the root note.  If, for example, a chord shows up in a song, say a G, then the bass pattern will follow a G note on the bass fretboard.  As a G is in many positions open, high & low then to get to learn the fretboard is essential in my opinion.

    As a suggestion I found this to be a good reference point.

    Good on you for bass playing.  Best wishes Ross from NZ downunder.

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  • Henry

    Hi Kevin, the root note of the chord is the chord name on screen - i.e. the root note of an A chord is A. It's not as simple as it may seem to integrate a new instrument on Chordify as this consists of a lot of moving parts. We can't generate a chord diagram for an instrument not playing chords. Please be assured we do work hard to improve Chordify and address user requests. If you have any questions reach out to:

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